Saturday, May 31, 2008

Before a few days ago I never really knew/understood how real Ultimate Frisbee was. Jake and Andrew invited me to one of their games, and I went to check it out and enjoy some of this incredible night weather we've been having.

All in all I'd say it was a good time. A guy broke an ankle and another guy got concussed.

Hopefully that's a friendly Frisbee spook.

Brian just happened to wear a red shirt.

This scooter was posed so dramatically. I couldn't help it.

I took some shots at Critical Mass yesterday, but they have to get developed first.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Basically The Men In Black

It's 3:28 am.

Casey and I just got done settling what could have been an intergalactic dispute.

If you are reading this, be thankful that you're still alive. Because we saved your life.

Casey has recently become involved via phone calls with a certain individual who believes himself to be a part of an alien race called the Corrineans (no relation to Corinthians). Casey made himself out to be part of this alien race and received the Corrinean named "Orgutron".

Tonight at about 2:45 Casey received a phone call from Indiana which went like this.
Caller- "Is this Orgutron?"
Casey- "It's very late, please call back another time."

This person called back and left a message.
Here is a link to the audio of quite a gem left in Casey's inbox.

The Voicemail

Casey called the individual with which he had developed a tight Corrinean bond and cleared the whole mess up. Eloquence flowed and Garageband recorded every moment, for our enjoyment.
He made it clear that he was uncertain of his Corrinean heritage, and that he needed time to sort things out.

We then called the Indiana native who left the voicemail. And made sure he understood he was going to have to put up or shut up. Brotherhood doesn't leave room for intergalactic threats from strangers.

What did you do with your night?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weird Dreams and Sweet Days

Today was a very sweet day. I unfortunately bailed on an incredible tubing trip down the Itchituknee river, or however it's spelled in order to get some rest, save some money, and edit some more on this wedding I'm working on.

After this things happened there was a Memorial Day Bro-B-Q at Lori's.
These pictures were taken at this potluck.

Tom refused to let anyone else man this grill. We had very large chicken breasts that were smothered in BBQ sauce that took a lifetime to cook. Tom's cigar was quite potent.

This one didn't get framed as well as planned because Hamel really wanted to be the star of it. I feel it sums most of the event up pretty well though.

Chris emanates light. The color temperature differences are drastic between these three pictures. But I love how this one turned out. No photoshop friends, all natural. Golden hour bro-b-que.

I had two very odd dreams last night.

Dream 1:
My friend Caleb was a long haul truck driver. He, his girlfriend, myself, and our friends Shmike and Brett were riding through a very dirty Disney Word in this truck. Inside there were all sorts of crazy devices. Namely a projector he had bolted to the wall that scrolled, yes scrolled, downwards through pictures of he and his girlfriend and hand written/drawn notes from small children. As we drove through this Bizarro Disney we were mostly distracted by the faux Egyptian prostitutes. And why they were Egyptian.

Dream 2:
I noticed a black head on the side of my nose, and to spare the gross details popped it and realized it was a piece of warm poop about the size of a golf ball. I'm still disgusted even thinking about this.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Before The Thoughts Leave My Head

Your name has brought men to their faces and to the tops of mountains.

Your name has led men to shed blood and give it.

Your name has brought people together and torn them apart.

Your name brings the sun up in the morning to give us just a peek of Your glory and leads it down at night to illuminate the sky with hues we rarely see but anxiously anticipate.

Your name has filled lungs with first breaths and guided hearts through their final beats.

And Your name will guide me to follow You with recklessness on this adventure that is my life.

Today-Right Now


This afternoon.

Right now.

The earth is emitting a red hue into the vast expanse of blue.

My brain races and synapses fire to tell me this red is probably warm, and comfortable.
The love and life of the day floating out into the heavens.

These highways are open, flat ground where you can see from toll booth to toll both.
Trees without soft leaves.
Ground without brown dirt or red clay.

Cameras spying eyes make sure each car lends their 75 cents to make sure the roads stay potholed, and long.

Melodies and Harmonies bring my hands into polyrthymic beats onto my aged steering wheel.
Where my hands have weathered storms, skids and collisions. Laughs, stories and phone calls.

This car has carried me many miles across this earth, and seen many a sunrise and sunset.

Even after it's paint has cracked and peeled it's last, and it is no longer mine.

I will continue this journey, this adventure.

I will breathe deeply from the wind that blows around this place we call Home.

My eyes will be fixed towards the heavens, because it is far to full of beauty to be called space.

This life is so much more than a snapshot.

Snap Shots

Joel films Matt's drowning freeze frame.
Matt drives the Jihad Mobile.
We found this turtle under Jake's Jeep, he ran away rather cautiously.
Caleb holds lizards in his mouth when his hands are occupied.
Location scouting for the theme video, this old house is going to be a comm. center.
I'm not sure how long it's lasted. Might be true to it's name.
The white horse was terrified of the the polaroid. I was nearly trampled. (notice the mini)
This guys loves the Orlando Magic, and performs magic in Orlando. Also, he makes children's books.
Night ride into a closed park.
Jeremiah's party!
Old shed, new jake.
Cinco de Mayo ride to the new 24 hours starbucks.
I spend a small amount of time in this part of the house.
Crystal, there are two faces behind her that are nearly invisible. Good job!
This is not a tree, it is however a delicious dip full of freshness.

Golden hour dirt mound.
My first Jeremiah's experience.
I live my life with these dudes.
Classy party.
The day I got multiple flat tires.
Flat tire 2 out of 3. Flat 3 was in the same place.
"As long as it doesn't call us Blond Bimbo's."

"Just go ahead and take it, he's not going to stop."

Jess Grose's graduation party.

Many more shots to come as life get's lived, adventures are undergone, and they get taken.

The First Step Is The Hardest

I just woke up

I had crazy dreams that I can't remember.

I had some cereal and I'm watching Little Miss Sunshine.

So this blog, will have many things in it.
Let's not worry about it and just embrace all the things that are prepared to flow.