Friday, June 27, 2008

It's nearly 6 A.M

One of my roommates graduates from college today.

Many of my friends are moving away after their graduations also happening today.

I leave for Cornerstone tonight.
My camera was sold to buy a new one.
The most technologically advanced thing I have to take is my phone and a fan that has a light on it. With a heart sharpied on from Shelby.

The aforementioned sharpie'r and I are currently dating. She's absolutely incredible.
I'll pretty much fight you for speaking any less of her than that.

This week will be sweaty, gross and tired. But also so rejuvenating to get to listen to hardcore, hang with sweet bros and live life for a week without deadlines and wireless internets.

I have many things to get done in this short day ahead of me.
I think I'll stay awake for a while, then sleep after some of them are done.
I'll post some pictures when I get back.

This journey is a reckless one. A wild chase for life.
Along the way we learn so much about ourselves and about You.
This life is not a destination.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I miss the Carolina's.
Rolling hills.
Soft grass.

I sold my video camera yesterday in one of the shadiest craigslist meetings ever.
Currently on the prowl for a new one.

Looks like I'll be heading to Iraq in November with Matt Addington to document what Buy Shoes. Save Lives is doing to change people's lives.

Cornerstone this weekend.

I need some Waffle House.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

Here are some of the best pictures from Jake's Polaroid scavenger hunt birthday.

I'll let you guess what we were looking for in each shot.

Some of then were purely celebration.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We'll Make It Through

A year ago today I made sure all things were packed into my car and a u-haul and began a journey which is far from over.

As I pulled out of the drive way in Spartanburg, SC my brother motioned with his fist to his chin, which was a sign we had made in Jamaica that no matter what happened we'd deal with it, we'd make it through. We'd be tough about the situation.
I put my sunglasses on to hide the fact tears were filling my eyes, and turned up the complete Stretch Arm Strong discography I had bought to keep me company for several hours.
I miss him more than anyone else.

Three lonely weeks kept company by Seinfeld and a flaky friend later Lauranne was sent by God to be my friend and to introduce me to the Status community.

This year has shown me so much about who I am, who God is, what life is about, and what learning about life is about.

I couldn't be more thankful for the friends and family who have stayed true, the friends who have become true and in that become family and the God who is Truth.

I love you all dearly.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dr. Heise

After shooting an interview for a school project documentary today I was wrapping cables as I began talking to Dr. Heise, a chiropracter and major proponent for holistic medicine as well as opponent of water flouridation, about Holisitc medicine and his Christian beliefs.
What I got from it was this quote.

'Modern medicine has a very evolutionary view of the body and how to treat it. It looks as the body as something that just is and it tries to treat it with chemicals like you would treat a car or any other machine. Holistic medicine first recognizes that there was a Creator, and that we must understand the Creator in order to understand how to treat the creation. Just like you would want to understand how a watch maker thinks before you work on his watches.'

I liked that a lot. But I'm still unsure of what I think about water fluoridation.

Jake's birthday was tonight.
Polaroid Scavenger hunt.

Pictures to come soon.

"Blind man, open up your eyes."

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Juxt from Michael Dalton on Vimeo.

I did this for a photoshoot with Matt Addington, Shelby George, Josh Owen and Cristina Colon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"I just don't know what to do with my hands."

I'm outside earlier.
On the phone with Shelby.
When in my peripheral I see some movement between the other apartments and hear a clicking noise.
I assume it's just the neighbors walking their dog.

Then I look up and see two police officers walking towards me.

I tell Shelby, "There are some cops walking towards me."

Then I look and see a third walking from between the two houses carrying a shotgun.
The other two officers are getting out their handguns.

My left hand is in my pocket and the other is holding the phone.

One of the officers says, "Can you take your hand out of your pocket sir."

My left hand goes slowly into the air and I tell Shelby, "I think I need to hang up."

I'm assuming the officer notices how awkward I must feel with three guns basically ready to be drawn on me at a moments notice.

"You're ok." He says.

I place my hands on my hips to make sure they are still seen but in a less awkward position.

One the officers, a female, asks, "Did you hear fireworks or gunshots earlier?"

I say, "I heard fireworks."

"How long ago?" she asks.

"About a half hour ago," I say, pretty impressed that I remembered that.

"How many of them would you say there were?"

"About 12, like a pack of twelve." I make the sound of twelve firecrackers with my mouth.

"Did you hear a scream?"

"No, I didn't but I was in the house."

"Ok, thanks"

Then they walked away. The shotgun copped un-chambered his shell and the other two put their handguns up.

Florida cops apparently don't tolerate fireworks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Look you blind and see

A good friend of mine, Ben Patat has just started recording the music he's been making for a while.
Check that out.

Hamel has gotten involved in the progress of my arm and he drew me up some incredible things that I have to go talk to a man who is good with needles in order to permanent them on my body.

While looking at those drawings and listening to O'Brother I came up with this.
I don't claim to be a fine artist. But I kind of liked it.

The air is cool from the day's rain.

Rain to fog.

Fog like haze makes these streetlights into soft beams of light cascading down onto a car full of

Windows down, silent.

Hopelandic. Beeps. Clicks.

Speakers at the limits and senses attempting to capture the moment to be remembered long after my eyes close tonight.

The air is cool from the day's rain while our hearts burn for these moments.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Today was filled with many things.

New Hard Drive.

I transferred lots of footage from one hard drive to another. I can't seem to part with any of it.
It all meant so much to me at some point, whether it's actually good or not.

Re-edit soon, for the world to see.

Today is Jake's Birthday.
The big 21.
He is legally an adult today.
We celebrated at TGI Friday's at midnight.

Water cups are for hyrdated birthdays.
Then it rained.
Florida summers are full of storms, and I can't wait for every single one of them.

Get Into It!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Holgas Are In

I finally got this roll developed. A bit of recent journeys and adventures.

Critical Mass-tall bike

Andrew and Jake play ultimate Frisbee at Golden Hour

Critical Mass- double exposure

Critical mass again, at least two exposures. I like it this a lot.

When mass is over, there is a keg at Retro. And then pictures are taken of bros and bikes.

Pre ride bros.

Tall bikes can't stop and start very easily.

Memorial day bro-b-que.

Dude loves horses.

Trucks, power lines, Florida

Mini horse. Thanks scanner.

An old house without a roof. Just the concrete and brick was left.